basic photography training #2

– Part 2 of my previous message about my assignments on a photography school located in Boxtel, the Netherlands –

This photography lesson was about exposure/light.
The last couple of weeks I had to make 5 photo’s :
A light source behind the model, a light source infront of the model, a light source placed to the side of the model, a light graffiti photo and a silhouette photo.

1This is the light graffiti photo and the model is my Golden Retriever.
First I made a photo of him in daylight and when it was dark I used a flashlight to “write” the shapes of the hearts.
Then I added them together in Photoshop.

2This is the silhouet photo.
To make a silhouet photo, you need to under expose the photo untill you can only see the shape of the subject.
Most silhouet photo’s are made during sunset, because then it’s easier to create the most contrast between light and dark.

The one with the light source at the left side of the model.
I shot this photo when it was completely dark outside and placed the lamp at the left side of the model.

4The photo  with the light source infront of the model.
I could not find someone to pose for me, so used a buddha statue.