Basic Photography Training #4

– Part 4  of my previous message about my assignments on a photography school located in Boxtel, the Netherlands –

This chapter was about lenses and composition.
The assignmets were:
– a closed frame photo
– an open frame photo
– a symmetry photo
– an asymmetry photo
– a photo with a zoomlens
– a photo with a wide angle lens

The term “open frame photo” means that you take a photo of an object, but show just a small part of the object. (by zooming in)
This way the viewer needs to imagine how the rest of the object looks.
The term “closed frame photo” means that you photograph the entire object.

The symmetry and asymmetry photo’s. Location: Tilburg train station.


The wide angle lens and zoomles photo’s.
I had to make one photo with each lens to show the difference.
With a wide angle lens you can see a lot of depth in the photo and with a zoomlens it looks like there is no depth at all. Location: Tilburg city centre.