Forgotten photo’s II

Photo’s that never made it to my blog.
This is part two of Forgotten photo’s, click on this link for the first part: Forgotten photo’s I
Most of these are made with my previous camera, except for  the first eight photo’s.
They are in chronological order from newest to oldest.

You will notice that some of the older photo’s are not of good quality.
My computer crashed a few years ago and some of these photo’s were deleted, and I only have them on photo paper.
I scanned the photo’s on to my computer, but the quality was lost.


Trash cans on the side of the road, that look like Daleks from the science fiction serie Doctor Who. (Exterminate!!)








Photo from “De Pagode”  at Theme Park Efteling.

Theme Park Efteling.








The entrance from Slot Loevestein with a trumpet player. A castle that is open for tourists.


The trumpet player in the background.







A rose in an illuminated vase.





Antwerpen, Belgium.