Workshop about art

From july 2012 till July 2013 I followed a workshop about art.
On every other thursday evening I went to Studio Xplo in Tilburg to learn more about drawing, painting and/or photography.
Each lesson we (me and a group of other people) got a different theme to work on: texture and structure, out of context, composition, perspective, atmospheric perspective, overlap, light/dark contrast and color.
Every time we had about two weeks to make a painting or draw something about that theme, and at the next lesson we had to present it.

Texture and Structure





Out of context

I have made pictures from objects and tried to make them a little harder to recognize.








atmospheric perspective

atmospheric perspective means working with depth.
The subject in the front is in focus, and the ones behind are not.

My painting hanging on the wall during an exhibition at Studio Xplo.


light/dark contrast

working with shadows.
I edited the objects with the charcoal effect on Photofiltre studio x.







working with the color circle and the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow.)