Weekly photo challenge : Up

For the ones ( the email followers) who are not familiar with the Weekly Photo Challenge: WordPress weekly posts a challenge for those who have a blog on WordPress.
Every time it is a different theme and you can write about the subject or post pictures about it on your blog.
This weeks theme is up.

My interpretation of up is a hot air balloon flight that I made in july 2010.
I had been saving money for a flight and I bought a ticket.
Unfortunately most people that I know are affraid of heights, so I went on my own.
In the balloon there were nine other passengers.

When I arrived at a field just outside town, I saw that three balloons were being prepared to take off.
It took about 1,5 hours to expand the balloon(s) and fill them with hot air.
I was hoping my balloon was going to fly over my house, but it was going to be much more exciting.
We were going to fly above the city fair!

In the city where I live (Tilburg), there is a fair every July.
It is the biggest fair in the Benelux ( Benelux= Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg)
The fair is located in the centre of Tilburg and it’s 4,5 KM (about 3 miles) long, through the towncentre.
In 2010 the fair existed 440 years and now (2013) has about 230/240 fairground attractions.
For more pictures of the fair, look on the official site: Tilburg Fair

It was about eight o’clock in the evening when we took off.
In the beginning I felt a bit dizzy, but that feeling went away after 5 minutes.
We were up in the air for about an hour and landed safely in a field 13.6 km ( about 8  miles) further.
At the end we got champagne and I went home with a camera full of beautiful pictures!

The photo’s are made with my previous camera.