Instant photography: the Polaroid camera

The Polaroid camera is getting more and more popular.
I own the Polaroid 635 super color camera, bought at a car boot sale two years ago.
Immediately I searched the internet for instant films and found these films on The Impossible Project site.

A film looks a bit like a black audio cassette, with a battery inside it.
In the film there is also a dark slide( look at the black with white text pictures) to protect the film against light.
When the film is placed into the camera, the dark slide comes out automatically.
The Impossible Project uses the dark slides as a form of art.

Their shops are all over the world, but the factory is located in The Netherlands.
The fun thing about these camera’s is, that if the button is pushed, the photo comes out in a second.
You need to be very careful with sunlight when the photo comes out.

The downside of my (old) camera is that I can’t adjust the focus, but there is a built-in flashlight.
Even when the picture is not in focus, it can still give a special effect to the photo.
Nowadays you can buy Polaroid camera’s that are more modern, but still have a classic look.