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about me page updated!

ABOUT ME DUTCH Hoi iedereen! Ik ben Esmee, 28 jaar en ik woon in Noord – Brabant. Na deze blog al bijna 5 jaar te hebben gehad, leek het mij wel leuk om… Lees verder

Forgotten photos IV

Photo’s that never made it to my blog. This is part three of Forgotten photo’s, click on this link for the first and second part: Forgotten photo´s I, Forgotten photo´s II and Forgotten… Lees verder

Photographing for Wikipedia

Last saturday there was a photography day organized by Wikipedia in the railway zone of the city Tilburg. Because there were almost no photos on wikipedia about the railway zone, they invited photographers… Lees verder

Light and dark contrast

A photo that I shot as homework for a course at Fontys School of Fine Arts. I had to come up with my own assignment and I wanted to make photos with a… Lees verder